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I came across a member on another forum claiming that he was a Kshatriya from the Kaushika gotra.I was wondering how is that even possible.I mean,Kaushika is a Brahmin gotra as far as I know.How can Kshatriyas claim their lineage from Brahmin gotras?As far as I know,Kshatriyas have their own vamshas or lineages.According to the tradition,there are two main Kshatriya vamshas viz the Aikshvakas or Suryavamsha and Aila or Chandravmsha.The other minor lineages like Agnivamsha and Nagavamsha etc are of later origin. So,I don't understand how Kshatryas can claim decent from Brahmin lineages,can anyone enlighten me on this issue?

Kalyani PandeyPosted: 16 Jun 2017
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Kalyani Pandey 16 Jun 2017

Forget Kshatriyas, I have seen Vokkaligas (the Sudras) in Karnataka mentioning Gotra. IMO Vamsha is different from Gotra. as it does not necessarily indicate you are a biological descendant of the Rishi. So it is possible for Kshatriyas to be of Kaushika gotra.

Kalyani Pandey 16 Jun 2017

Well,Vamshas are closely associated with the two lineages of Ikshavu and Ila.Basically,when the Brahmins claim origins from Rishis,Kshatriyas claim origins from these two figures.So both Gotra and Vamsha denote lineages.

Or alternately,could it mean that the Kshatriyas who got Vedic education from a certain Brahmin guru would have claim to the gotra of his Brahmin Guru?

Kalyani Pandey 16 Jun 2017

Gotras of Kshatriyas indicate the founding brahmin guru's gotra. Gotras of kshatriyas are all brahmanical ones like bhardwaja, kaushik, Gautam and Kashyap ( my gotra is kashyap).

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