• Who we are?
    Kulbeli is a startup web based platform with a unique India centric methodology to create family tree, connect with relatives, explore ancestor details and find unknown relatives. It is a 100% owned by “Anncom Software Solutions India Pvt Ltd” a company registered under company act 1965.

  • Does Kulbeli is free?
    Yes Kulbeli is free and you can add as many family members in your Family tree.

  • How does Kulbeli make money?
    Kulbeli is funded by a group of investors who are as passionate about family history as we are. We do need to make money in the future.

  • What is the benefit of creating family tree?
    Family tree is a presentable form of documenting family information, tree structure clearly shows the relationship of each branch with the root. This tree is expandable and can have many branches based varying from family to family. The information is in visual form and easily understandable for new family members.

  • How to create my family tree?
    Creating family tree is very simple with Kulbeli.com user friendly solution. You need to signup on Kulbeli.com and your all set to start with your family tree starting with your Parents information.

  • I want to add my step brother and step mother to my family tree, is it possible?
    Yes, you can add more than one wife/partner of your father and link your step brother with her mother and father.

  • I have created my family tree up till my great grandfather, I want to share only my family information (i.e. me, my wife and kids) with a friend, can I do that?
    Yes, there is feature of Nuclear Family and Combined Family view. In the complete tree you can click on the downwards arrow mentioned on your wife’s name and it will lead you to the nuclear family view.

  • I don’t want anyone to view all the members of my family, is it possible?
    Yes, under the family member profile details you can choose Privacy Option and set it as Public or Private. Private means that the member won’t be visible to anyone other than you.

  • I see few member in the profile are appearing as black background, what is that?
    In the member profile information there is option to choose Live or dead. For the dead members the background color is black.You need to add Death date and Place.

  • How to delete a member from my family tree?
    You need to click on the drop down box “Family Tree” on the top left corner, under members you will option to delete the member(s).