Ashapura Maa kuldevi of Cauhan kul

Ashapura Maa kuldevi of Cauhan kul



ashapura maa

Ashapura, kuldevi of the Cauhan kul , which ruled the states of Kota and Bundi as well as such Udaipur-linked thikanas as Bedla and Kothariya.

My forefathers used to wage many wars. One time my ancestor and his army had run out of rations on the battlefield. Annapurna maa appeared to my ancestor in a dream and said, "I will become a green fly and sit on your arm while you fight. You will win many villages." [Having received food and the protection of Annapurna's avatar] he was able to conquer 1,444 villages in a single night. Since then we worship both Annapurna and Ashapura.


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Kalyani Pandey
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Posted: 14 Jul 2017